Monthly Spotlight

I will be honoring your first Brazilian back as a Maintenance Brazilian because you were unable to come in for months. You will save $10 and then we will work to get you back on a good cycle!

20% off any service you have never received with me in July and August.


$20 Dollars off the Energetic Detox and Balance Facial in July and August.

This has been an extremely taxing time for all of us, bring yourself back into balance with this beautiful facial journey: Spirit and Skin come together in this detoxifying and renewing service.Palo Santo will be burned to break up old energy and patterns in conjunction with heart opening aromatherapy to heal and nurture your senses. Tourmaline will be used to exfoliate and deeply cleanse off dead skin cells to reveal new radiant skin. Next a  cleansing clay mask will absorb excess oil and draw impurities from the skin. The final touch will be a rosewater based hydrating mask to heal and nourish dry, dehydrated skin, bringing vibrance back. A balancing lymphatic drainage massage will compliment the detoxifying process, and your neck and shoulders will be at ease with healing arnica and menthol gel to soothe sore muscles.

E-Gift Cards

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