Giving Back

Each month, Elana @ Tangerine will be donating $100 to a different charity/non-profit that is working hard for the greatest good of the planet, community and/ or humanity. Thank you for being a client and making this possible.

When you make a cash or check donation to the NAACP of Seattle in the month of July or August, you will receive a free Palo Santo / Rose Quartz Bundle from me. I will have a jar for donations, no minimum.


January – Academy for Precision Learning

February – Prevail

March – NRDC

April – One Tree Planted

May – Academy for Precision Learning

June – The Nature Conservancy

July – Seattle Humane

August – Certified Humane

September – Yoga Behind Bars

October – Academy for Precision Learning

November – Family Works

December – Toys for Tots